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Seneca Scientific Shipping



Many of the items that we sell have significant value -- however, logistic companies don't always treat packages with the care they deserve. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that when your item leaves our door, it is delivered to your door in exactly the same condition. Through our experience in business we have seen some of the worst packaging jobs – from packages filled with useless paper shreds to a piece of equipment packaged in an empty box with a used toilet paper roll (yes this really happened). You won't see any of our packages arrive like this. We use professional boxes and professional packing materials, many times with custom cut foam and boxes for ultimate protection. Don't take a shipping risk with another seller; buy from us to ensure your item arrives safely.


All of our shipping costs include full insurance value to protect against lost, stolen, or damaged shipments. We purchase full insurance on every shipment, no exceptions.

Domestic Shipping

All our packages ship from our headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. FedEx is our preferred shipper for ground service. Most areas will see their shipment in 3 days or less. Some areas on the east coast will take 4 days. We also utilize USPS Priority Mail service for smaller items, as these shipments arrive faster to most locations. We can ship any service and speed that is requested, including overnight service.

International Shipping

We ship worldwide, and have a great deal of experience in shipping to any part of the world. Our preferred shipper is FedEx, but we also use USPS depending on the specific country. We occasionally ship by DHL service if requested. We can accommodate buyers wanting to make their own delivery arrangements, and we can be flexible to any requests. Our international shipments are designated "delivered duty unpaid". This means that we take care of all shipping costs from our door to the shipper's country. The buyer is responsible for any duties/tax that may be charged by their country's custom office, and occasionally for additional transportation charges. We do all we can to lessen the impact of these fees.